The LEGO Batman Movie

Lego Batman photoThis movie was just plain fun. I have not laughed that hard watching a movie in long time. From start to finish, I found myself either chuckling heartily at unexpected witticisms or giggling at subtle references that only the Lego movies can deliver. But superior humor is not all that Lego Batman is able to offer. This is without question one of the best Batman movies that I have watched. Admittedly, I was not alive for a number of Batman renditions, but I have seen most of them! And Lego Batman ranks in the top two, if not first.

Lego movies have a sense of freedom that few other films are able to experience. They are inherently going to be a bit ridiculous, regardless of the content. Adults took children’s toys, moved them around in various settings, and added animation to them. You can only be taken so seriously from here. However, the Lego movies do not squander this freedom. Instead, they take it and get the most out of it that they can. And Lego Batman does just that. For example, no other version of Batman is able to create that nonsensical love story between the Joker and Batman (except for maybe fan fic, but be careful there). Yet, with what we already know about their relationship and with the context of the movie being inherently ridiculous, this overdone, ludicrous “love” story actually fits perfectly. And it is hilarious. Also, it will never not be funny to hear Ralph Fiennes say, “Master, Dick.” My favorite part of the freedom that Lego movies has is their ability to traverse universes. Lego makes toys from essentially all major fictional worlds, so it is completely acceptable to have any and all worlds represented in the same movie. It is almost like a Super Smash Bros. of movies. Each of the Super Smash Bros. had their own world apart from everyone else. But as long as Nintendo created or owned the character, it was acceptable to have them in one game together on the same screen. The same stands for Lego movies. As long as Lego toys were made of a character or world, then it is acceptable to include it in a Lego movie. And that is fantastic! Where else are you going to find a movie with Batman fighting Godzilla in the midst of lava created by the eye of Sauron while Voldemort is turning people into sea creatures? Exactly! It is so great!

While the Lego Batman Movie does provide us with wonderful humor, it does not do so at the cost of… well, really any other aspect of the movie. But especially the story/characters. While I was hooked from the beginning (mostly because of my unparalleled and possibly unhealthy love for Batman), I found myself just as interested by the end of the movie because of the combination of compelling characters and an inviting plot line. As touched on before, none of these characters is original; we have seen/heard/read about all of them somewhere else. However, the way in which they are presented is entirely new. The Joker is out to earn Batman’s disapproval and be his worst enemy (fighting around is not good enough). Robin (well done, Michael Cera) plays the part of a lonely orphan desperate to find a home. And he does so with such endearing eyes and boyish charm that he is instantaneously sympathetic. We can’t help but become invested in his story, even if it is for just a couple minutes in a Lego world. And the plot line itself is one that is entirely unfamiliar. Batman wrestles with his loneliness while eating lobster and laughing at romantic comedies. Robin approaches every situation with extreme excitement and childish wonder. The Joker unleashes the worst bad guys from multiple universes in order to show Batman how much they need each other. Daleks run wild across Gotham. Yep, that is a sentence. Godzilla accidentally destroys the eye of Sauron. And gremlins cause Robin to whip out his special martial arts based on gymnastics. While the outcome may be predictable, that is not the point. They route we took to get there was one that has never been traveled with versions of beloved characters that previously did not exist. Because of this, the Lego Batman movie provided a much deeper experience than just a witty, unique comedy.

My name is Chuck, and these are my thoughts. Now I would like to know what you think. Do you think that this was a good Batman movie? Did you enjoy the odd path the movie took or just find it uninspired or tiresome? Would you have liked to have seen anything done differently? Leave a comment down below, and we’ll talk. Enjoy the day!

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