Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales photo

I really wanted to like this movie. I tried really hard to like this movie. But I just couldn’t do it. There were just too many things wrong for me to accept it. I had fun watching it, and there were several positive aspects. But the film as a whole just kinda..missed.

There were several features I was quite pleased with, primarily Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush. I have said it since the second movie, as long as these two are in the Pirates films, I will continue to watch them. I know they may not be particularly good movies, but I have always enjoyed them, largely because of the characters of Sparrow and Barbossa and the performances that go with them. Dead Men Tell No Tales was no exception. Without these two, this movie would have been much more lost. I also enjoyed watching a different version of Jack. The state of mind he was in when he was reintroduced was excellent. He was a broken man with very little left to live for, and Depp showed this well. As with the other movies, the best parts are always when Jack and Barbossa are on screen together. But Barbossa has always been a mystery to us. He seems honorable, but is also as selfish as we’d expect a pirate to be. He carried this demeanor into the latest movie, but we get to learn more about him. We get to see him care, and it felt good. Barbossa was such a loved character, so his death must be earned. Barbossa would have died for nothing less than his own blood, which was exactly what we got.

The concept of a character like Carina is fantastic, especially in this universe during this time period. She was a woman; she was strong. And she relied on no one. Sure, Elizabeth Swann is strong, but her entire character worked in tandem with the male characters. Carina was wonderfully independent her entire life, and this didn’t change at any point in the movie. While the emphasis on her being a woman was a bit heavy-handed at times, the character was still good to see. She alone had the knowledge to understand the map. She rescued Henry twice. She piloted the most coveted ship by two of the most known pirates in the world while each of them was on it. Karina was an equal during a time of drastic inequality. However, my favorite part of the movie, without question, was when The Black Pearl was returned to the sea. The classic Pirates of the Caribbean music was played and it felt like we were returning home. We got to share that feeling with Jack. There were several moments that nodded to previous movies that made me smile remembering those movies, but this was by far the best. Unfortunately, these are just about the only good things I can say about the film.

Like I said, I really wanted to like this movie. I went into the theater in the positive. I didn’t need to see a great movie to be happy with it; I just needed something decent. Sadly, there were just too many mistakes made that I came out of the theater in the negative. First, while Jack’s initial entrance was great, the following heist was just too big. Breaking into an unbreakable vault is a Jack Sparrow thing to do. Dragging an entire building through a town is not a Jack Sparrow thing to do. We also never got to see the same Jack we knew from the previous four films. Sure, he is in a different state of mind and we saw that at the beginning of the film, but he isn’t a different character. This movie gave us a completely different character. Again, character integrity is important. The only time we got to see the charismatic and clever Jack we love was during the flashback of Salazar’s death. We never got this Jack during the present timeline of the film. The way I see it (based on the previous character development of Sparrow) is that he should have had the whole movie planned out the moment he met Carina and she spoke of the stars. Instead, we see this borderline dumb character bumbling through the film and surviving for no real reason other than he is the main character. That is not the character that Jack and the audience deserve. Second, the dialogue in this movie fell short when compared to that of the others. The humorous moments were still there, but they were predictable. It wasn’t the clever phrases we enjoyed from the last four. Unfortunately, this carried over into Jack Sparrow’s lines, resulting in the skewed character we get in this film. Finally, the plot itself was questionable. The concept is great; the execution was odd. There were several times throughout the movie that I just kept asking myself either why or how. The rules of the world just seemed to keep changing, and some things were not explained well enough. And, as mentioned before, I found it just too big. An entire building was dragged through a town, CGI sharks jumped over a boat in slow motion, Jack accidentally walked into getting married, Jack jumped back and forth between two ships on cannons while running from an undead man and an animated mast head, and the climax of the movie resulted in the main characters clinging to an anchor being pulled up from the bottom of the ocean while the ocean itself crashed in around them. This was just too much for me. While there were certainly parts of this movie I found to be quite good, the negatives are just too..negative.

My name is Chuck, and these are my thoughts. Now I would like to know what you think. Did you think this Pirates movie was successful? How did you like the new characters? How did you feel about this version of Captain Jack Sparrow? Leave a comment down below, and we’ll talk. Enjoy the day!

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