Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Photo

I will admit that I know very little about Doctor Strange. He is a Marvel character, so the interest was just never there. But this movie was fantastic. In no way was this a traditional hero movie, but not in the same way that Logan was. Nor was it in the same line as Deadpool, but let’s just assume that for all movies. Doctor Strange is not as well-known as most heroes who get their own movie. As a result, it needed to be different to be successful. It had to make us care about a character and a story while getting the audience to be comfortable thinking beyond the physical. To accomplish this and still be an appealing movie to the masses is difficult, but I think Doctor Strange did so effectively.

Of course, eliminating any extraneous variables in this sort of situation is best, and having Benedict Cumberbatch as your lead leaves you with one less variable. Regardless of the circumstances, we know we will always get a good performance from Bendaditch Crumpetsnitch. We’ve seen him show that he can play intelligent and arrogant from his Sherlock performance. However, what most impressed me was that, despite Doctor Strange and Sherlock having similar personalities, he was able to make Doctor Strange feel like an entirely different character. I had a hard time watching the new Beauty and the Beast without seeing Gaston as Bard, and they are drastically different characters. So the fact that I watched Brandledusk Cucumberpatch for two hours and not once thought of Sherlock Holmes is impressive to me.

Again, Doctor Strange had more moving parts (heh) than a movie like Batman Begins. Batman is known and loved. And we are comfortable with the world of Batman. There are physical, visible threats from one world with clear good guys and bad guys. Doctor Strange is an origin story about a character and a world at the same time. Not just a different world that we encounter in fantasy, but a different version of our world that can be uncomfortable to think about. If the film only succeeds in getting us to care about one or the other, then it would not have been anywhere near as good. Instead, we wanted to care about Doctor Strange and his (often uncomfortable) version of our world.

Along the same lines, there is a depth to this movie that we rarely see from films with similar content material. Within the first twenty minutes of the movie, we are presented with the idea of a multiverse. And The Ancient One presents it as fact. Immediately, we are thrust, literally for Strange, into this multiple realm universe where there are unlimited versions of our very own earth. Even entertaining this sort of idea can be draining and terrifying, but the entire premise of the movie relies on it. We are then presented with manipulation of time itself. This does nothing to ease our minds and only adds complication. Yet, it makes the movie that much better. I also commend the film for being willing to face its complexities head on, despite the expectations of a hero film. Finally, to add even further complexity, The Ancient One draws power from the realm she has forbidden her followers from entering, which is the same power that is sustaining whom they are fighting against. Attempting to ascertain a conclusion about the morality of this decision can inspire some deep thought and fantastic discussion. I will find enjoyment from nearly any movie with this capability.

My name is Chuck, and these are my thoughts. Now I would like to know what you think. What did you think of Buckleberry Crumpleferry’s performance? Did you like the wildly different content than other hero movies? Would you like to see where this world takes us? Leave a comment down below, and we’ll talk. Enjoy the day!

Next week: Wonder Woman


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