Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman photo
Photo by D. Tempesta

I REALLY liked this movie. To the point where I couldn’t stop talking about it, which I’m pretty sure resulted in some annoyed coworkers. There are just so many good things I want to say that I don’t even know where to begin. And I certainly won’t be able to include them all in just this one post. Although, I suppose I should start by saying that I have admired Wonder Woman since I was a child. Batman has always been my favorite; that was never a question. But I have always admired Wonder Woman because of her integrity and determination. She knows who she is and what she stands for and she never gives that up for anything. To me, regardless of the gender, a character like that is someone worth looking up to. And that is exactly the same character we get in this movie.

Even though Wonder Woman didn’t fully understand who she was, she knew who she was supposed to be. And she never once apologized for it. I have seen several articles report that director Patty Jenkins’s favorite scene is the No Man’s Land scene. Several of these same articles also say that Jenkins states this is the most important scene in the film. I wholeheartedly agree. This crossroads was a defining moment for Wonder Woman. She left Themyscira to help humanity, but kept getting stopped at every opportunity she got. This time she decided to help regardless of what was said, even if it was deemed impossible. Wonder Woman chose to define herself and be who she was meant to be. And my gosh was it awesome. The entire execution of that scene was perfect. The way she put on the iconic tiara, the determination she showed by looking directly at Steve, and the final reveal of her full hero garb. Furthermore, one of my favorite qualities of Wonder Woman is that she is a leader. While it was certainly not subtly expressed in this scene, it could have been easy to overlook given all the other awesome happenings. Here more than anywhere else, Diana unreservedly accepted what it meant to be Wonder Woman.

While we are talking about scene execution, let’s talk about how great Gal Gadot and Chris Pine were. Without both of them, this movie would have been completely different (read: worse). Now, let me clarify. Gal Gadot did not need Chris Pine in any way. She would have been a fantastic Wonder Woman regardless of who was in that movie. However, the charm of Chris Pine was important in allowing Steve to be anywhere close to as good as Diana. Again, Gadot did not need anyone to make her look good, but having Pine was important in scenes where he was primary and in scenes that relied on their interaction. In short, it was nice that the excellent performance of Gadot was not compromised by a subpar Steve. Oh, also, I feel great thanks is due to Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright.

In the interest of being concise, as I could talk about this movie for ages, I will conclude by mentioning my awe at the choreography. Upon leaving the theater, I exclaimed that if directors are capable of giving us fight scenes like that, I feel like I’ve been shorted the last several years. Every single fight was incredible, my favorite being the fight through the buildings after No Man’s Land. The way she moved was incredible. The only other fight scene I have watched that can even be considered as being better than Wonder Woman’s is the hallway fight towards the end of the first season of Daredevil. I have watched a lot of fight scenes; nothing else even compares. The movements Wonder Woman made were human, but the speed and power with which they were executed were godlike. It was majestic to watch. As someone who has been waiting for a Wonder Woman movie since I was a child, this is exactly what I wanted and I could not ask for more.

My name is Chuck, and these are my thoughts. Now I would like to know what you think. Do you think the Wonder Woman in this movie lines up well with the Wonder Woman we know from previous renditions? Were you as inspired by the No Man’s Land scene as I was? What did you think of the fighting and choreography? Leave a comment down below, and we’ll talk. Enjoy the day!


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