Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky photo

I did it! We finally get to talk about Logan Lucky this week. I am certainly glad we get to because this movie was delightful. For those who have read other posts, you likely noticed a distinct lack of comedy movies. This is true for several reasons, most of which are unimportant here. In short, I find the storytelling to be uninspiring. And, as you can likely tell from our photos, I have a unique sense of humor, so the “comedic” bits usually don’t resonate with me. Anyway, I thought adding Logan Lucky to this site would help remedy the lack of comedy issue. Boy, was I wrong! Despite what the internet tells me, I refuse to classify Logan Lucky as a comedy.

Heist. Drama. Crime. Heck, I would even put documentary ahead of comedy. To label it as a comedy would be to say that the film relied on laughing at an entire and very real group of people instead of being clever to obtain its humor. The movie itself is too intelligent for this to be the case. Therefore, the only reasonable conclusion I see is that this is not a true comedy, which, I contend, is what made it so successful. There were certainly parts of the movie that warranted a hearty chuckle out of me, but I count four at most. And even these were because of hilarity of the situation or circumstances. It was never because we were laughing at people. But I also saw this movie in a theater that only contained about five other people, so it was difficult to get a read on the crowd in general.

What Logan Lucky did best was storytelling and character development. We were immediately connected to the world of Jimmy and his family in the first scene. And the subsequent scenes help cement that care even further, all while inviting well-defined characters onto the screen. By the time the heist arrived, we genuinely wanted the Logans to succeed, never mind the fact that they were criminals robbing a corporation for (effectively) no good reason. Sure, Jimmy was unjustly fired. But is that really a good reason to go all Robin Hood (who has questionable morals anyway) and steal however much money that even was? I don’t really think so, but even with that, I was hoping the criminals would win. Which reminds me of the way I feel while watching Ocean’s Eleven.

As I have mentioned before, I don’t like drawing comparisons where they are not warranted. But it is hard to watch this movie without comparing it to Ocean’s Eleven, even though they did have different writers. To be fair, Steven Soderbergh produced each of them, so I feel less bad doing so here. Watching Jimmy and Clyde travel around recruiting people to join their heist reminded me of Danny and Rusty doing much the same. They were each done in very different worlds through very different means, but they each required the same level of precision and commitment. The two moments that struck me the most are the Chapman brothers in Logan Lucky being similar to the Malloy brothers in Ocean’s, and Jimmy and Clyde trying to convince Joe Bang to join them being similar to Danny and Rusty trying to convince Reuben. Speaking of Daniel Craig, his performance was incredible. I had no idea that side of him existed; he largely plays a particular role, this being nowhere close to that role. It was fascinating to experience.

In the interest of fairness, I must also include the differences. Ocean’s Eleven was a movie of professional criminals; Logan Lucky was not. These were just regular people with (potentially) low IQs pulling off a heist that we didn’t think they were capable of. We knew why Danny was robbing those casinos; I still don’t know why Jimmy robbed Charlotte Motor Speedway. Ocean’s Eleven was largely about a woman; Logan Lucky was largely about Jimmy’s daughter. While the stories and situations are similar, there are enough differences to allow Logan Lucky to be both enjoyable and unique.

My name is Chuck, and these are my thoughts. Now I would like to know what you think. Did you find this movie funny? What did you think of the characters? Finally, were you satisfied with that ending? Leave a comment down below, and we’ll talk. Enjoy the day!

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