The Hitman’s Bodyguard

The Hitman's Bodyguard photo
Photo by D. Tempesta

Aha! We have done it! We have finally found a comedy. And a good one at that. I went into this movie with minimal expectations, given the number of negative reviews it has received. But I really liked it! Sometimes you just want to watch a simple movie and have a bit of a laugh. Also, I will watch anything with Ryan Reynolds in it; except Green Lantern, for obvious reasons.

There are a lot of things The Hitman’s Bodyguard did acceptably, but there is one thing it did exceptionally, the cast. Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds are what make this movie what it is. And they were both completely necessary; it would not have worked without one or the other. You know how it can be incredible to watch people who are extraordinary at something do that thing together? Much like the Globetrotters or an all-star event of some kind. Well, that is what The Hitman’s Bodyguard felt like. It was like watching Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds play together. Jackson was awesome, deadly, invincible, and lovable all at the same time. And the story between he and his wife was adorable in its own way. Meanwhile, Reynolds was calculated, hyper competent, sarcastic, and cynical. They each played their roles perfectly, but played off each other even better. Like I said after watching the movie, watching Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds in a car together talk about love will never not be funny.

Even so, there is enough else going on in the movie to keep it interesting. The supporting cast is certainly not the least of that “enough else”. Elektra makes a great Interpol agent (that shouldn’t be a sentence). Salma Hayek terrified me through the screen. And Gary Oldman, well, did Gary Oldman things. Beyond the cast, the story itself was not bad at all. It was complex enough with an entirely condemnable bad guy for us to care about a just ending. Samuel L. Jackson even offered an interesting moral question about who was more wrong, the one killing the bad guys or the one protecting them. Sure, other movies certainly do things better than this film. If you want a movie about protecting and delivering a witness, 16 Blocks is likely the best choice. Corrupt police? Take your pick, but The Professional comes to mind pretty quickly. Love advice and comedy are strewn all throughout Crazy, Stupid Love. But no other movie I know of does what The Hitman’s Bodyguard does completely. It provides a unique inclusion in the cinematic world, which offers a thoughtful comedy to be enjoyed.

My name is Chuck, and these are my thoughts. Now I would like to know what you think. Do you think the critics were a bit too harsh on this one? Did you enjoy Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds together? What did you think of the supporting cast? Leave a comment down below, and we’ll talk. Enjoy the day!

Next week: 16 Blocks, The Illusionist, or Lucky Number Slevin…

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