Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United

Photo by D. Tempesta

The movie for this week turned out to be much more childish than expected, but that is just as well considering we have pictures like the one above. I watched it mostly out of professional curiosity and partially out of limited time this week. Even so, the movie itself really wasn’t bad.

I have consumed nearly every piece of live action work Marvel has done in the last decade, so I was curious about what they were doing with their animated works. In two words, it was refreshingly simple. After spending so much time in the morally ambiguous realm and even more in the morally deplorable realm that Marvel has taken us through, it was good to have the good guys be good and the bad guys be bad. There was no discussion of collateral damage, no civilians dying while giants are fighting, and no character altering decisions made on either side. The bad guys did a bad thing and the good guys used all their powers to stop it. To illustrate its simplicity, Iron Man never left his suit and Hulk was never Banner. Their hero identities were who they were as people.

Overall, the story was quite good. Hydra used Abomination to lure Hulk into a trap. Hydra then turned on Abomination and used both his and Hulk’s gamma radiation to create a weapon, but accidentally created a sentient ball of energy. I’ve definitely seen worse antagonists. And, quite honestly, that is a fairly clever antagonist for Iron Man and the Hulk. It nullifies both of their strengths and required them to be creative to defeat it. Although, I will also confess that I was slightly disappointed by the movie. Considering “Heroes United” was part of the title, I was hoping for more jolly cooperation. But the heroes didn’t truly start working together until ¾ of the way through the film. I suppose it created slight character depth, but that could have been done with earlier cooperation anyhow. Also, I found the animation to be both bad and distracting. I much prefer hand drawn animation than I do computer generated. CG can add a lot to an animated feature, but this felt cheapened and distracting.

The movie had a good story, and it was fun to see a different take on the characters we have been watching for the last couple years. Ultimately, this is a children’s movie, so the humor and character development didn’t really stick with me. Tl; dr – fun and simple to watch, but a little too simple and bad animation.

My name is Chuck, and these are my thoughts. Now I would like to know what you think. Have you watched any recent animated Marvel? What do you think about it? Do you prefer a certain type of animation? Leave a comment down below, and we’ll talk. Enjoy the day!


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