Welcome to our blog! By saying “our”, I mean exactly that. Movie Talks with Chuck is an interactive experience that is shared among all who visit. Once a week on Friday morning I will update the blog with a post about a movie. The first and third Friday of each month will be a new movie that is still in theaters. The second Friday will be a movie released within the last year that can be found on DVD. The fourth Friday will be any movie that was released more than a year ago, oftentimes much older than just that. Finally, if there is a fifth Friday in any given month, I will watch something subtitled and/or foreign. I created this blog to host a safe place where fellow movie fanatics are awarded the opportunity to interact in meaningful conversations around the topics presented to us in various movies. If you wish to watch along, I will let you know what my next movie will be a week in advance at the end of each blog post.

Now, then! To get the conversation started, I will gladly tell you a little about myself. Not that much of this will mean anything without context, but it may help explain some of my comments and views in my posts. I am a husband, father of one…dog, and lover of all things fiction. I often say that the fastest way to get to know someone is to ask them what their favorite movie is and why. Well, my favorite movie is Fight Club, because the movie is not about fighting. Instead, Fight Club is about living, and how to live unapologetically despite what others or society say. Is living any other way truly living? Finally, I studied both literature and philosophy in college (which can often show itself in my musings), and I spend almost all of my free time playing video games, reading, watching movies, or catching up on shows (anime included).

So, this is me, and welcome to our blog. Go forth and talk! Read a post. Leave a comment. Have a discussion. But above all, be respectful and have fun. Enjoy the day!