Fullmetal Alchemist

I will start by saying that I both liked and enjoyed the live action Fullmetal Alchemist film. However, I am objective enough to see both sides of the conversation. This movie certainly has flaws, but I think the positives far outweigh the negatives. But I am not here to make an argument or convince you … More Fullmetal Alchemist

Kill Bill

One of my favorite things to do is compare the actual versus the expected (in general, not just in movies). For example, on paper, several of my closest friends and I should not get along. Quite honestly, we should want nothing to do with each other. Instead, or relationships are such that we would do … More Kill Bill

Black Panther

Bad news, everyone. With Lady Bird last time and Black Panther this time, it seems we have hit our exceptional movie quota for the year. Expect bad ones from now until 2019. For real, though, this movie is incredible. When talking about the movie afterward, Wife asked what I liked about it. My response was, … More Black Panther

Lady Bird

Hello, friends! I have missed you. I apologize for my absence; I had a number of personal matters going on. Well, one personal issue with multiple components, really. But not to worry! It was a positive issue and is turning out quite well. Anyhow, it is good to be back and posting. We will keep … More Lady Bird

Justice League

I have developed a new strategy for watching DC movies. I go into the theater with no expectations; that way, I can’t be disappointed. It actually worked for Justice League. The movie was surprisingly not bad. By no means was it good, however. Like I told someone earlier this week, DC has done nearly everything … More Justice League

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok deserves every bit of praise it is receiving. I will confidently say that this is my favorite Marvel movie in the entire MCU. Do you remember how we were talking about my fear of Marvel becoming formulaic? Well, Ragnarok dispelled those fears entirely. It took what was best of the Avengers and best … More Thor: Ragnarok

Spirited Away

  Starring: Peeta as Haku My relationship with Disney is being strained because of my relationship with Miyazaki films. I have watched dozens of Disney films countless times. I have watched two Miyazaki films once each. Yet the influence from Miyazaki in my life already rivals that of Disney. There is just something special that … More Spirited Away

Shimmer Lake

Finding Shimmer Lake was quite the pleasant surprise, or happy accident, if you will. I stumbled across it while perusing the Netflix and promptly remembered an esteemed acquaintance recently praised it. With no other movie prospects, I decided to give it a gander. I am glad that I did. But what makes Shimmer Lake worth … More Shimmer Lake